10.000 easy steps to bring the Baja 100 back to the shores of the Lake of Varese from where it started in 1970.

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martedì 25 marzo 2014



Finalmente si comincia a lavorare sulle selle.
1 ora a prendere le misure e confrontare con foto d’epoca et al.
Prima di foderarle le proviamo sulle moto.
E con questo anche il passo numero 9875 dei 10000 facili passi è fatto.

Seat at last
Once again under direct management the seat pans underwent repainting and applying the foam.
To take the proper measures of later it took us 1hour on the bikes anlong with checking with available pics. Would dare saying they come close to orig.
Now one last check on the bikes and the seats are another checked item on the list.
Oh, this might be step no 9875 on the initial "10000 easy steps" list.