10.000 easy steps to bring the Baja 100 back to the shores of the Lake of Varese from where it started in 1970.

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venerdì 6 dicembre 2013

Filter Boxes for sale!

Since eBay does not allow me to sell stuff internationally if I do not have seller history here we go with my private offering:

Harley-Davidson Baja 100 1970 air filter box. Hand made remake of original 1970

Hand made in Italy. Unpainted as it needs some minor mods to fit perfectly. 2Nuts Model. May fit all Baja Model years. Checked and mounted on an early 1970 built.
Set includes parts nos 29005-70m, 29007-70m, 29008-70m as of parts catalogue Baja MSR-100 1970

4 of them are available.

Price USD 150 (+shipping 35 from Swiss Post)

You may reach me at paolo(*at*) pzellner.net if interested.

Scatole filtro aria

Scusate ragazzi se preferisco l'inglese (scarso) ma non penso che nella parte italofona  del Mondo ci siano molti interessati alla scatola del filtro della Baja.
Ne ho fatte fare 4. Venute non male. Costate un rene.
Poi le foto dicono tutto.
Sapete se vi interessa dove trovarmi.

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